Enriching young minds through play and exploration


Young children learn social and emotional skills, build knowledge and develop cognitive abilities through play. Through self-chosen activities children wonder, question, test ideas, make connections, collaborate, problem solve, communicate, reflect and grow.

RCNP’s mission is guided by our values:

  • Young children are intelligent, capable, creative and have important ideas.  In the classroom adults listen to children’s ideas, ask questions and wonder alongside them.  

  • Learning happens when children notice, wonder, question, collaborate and listen. When children play, they are in a relaxed state of mind. This is when learning happens best.

  • Children play a central role in the development of their own learning. Teachers follow children’s interests to develop and build on social and emotional skills.

  • Children learn by making mistakes. Mistakes are valued and thought of as learning opportunities.

  • Differences are valued and celebrated. Each child brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives to the classroom, and we seek to explore and welcome these differences.

  • Children, families and educators work together to form a rich environment of learning.  Adults in our community share ideas, experiences and talents enriching our classroom.

  • Learning through play is fun!